Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friends of Stillwater Board

Elected officers for the Friends of Stillwater:
Heidi Emke-Barnes — PresidentBill Henry - Vice PresidentPatricia Whitten—SecretarySteve Sawyer—Treasurer
Board Members at Large (voting positions)
Chic MoxleySue MoxleyTrent BarnesLester WebbDerek Samarippa

Vanessa Burch-Urquhart
(updated January 2016)

These volunteers are the heartbeat of this group.  They have committed to educate the public about the natural resources that make the Lahontan Valley unique. They come from all backgrounds and interests, but are drawn together by the opportunities for outreach, education and service-learning this area offers.
General meetings take place each quarter, with an annual meeting in late summer. Elections are held every other year, with officers committing to 2 year terms, Directors for one year, alternating every other year. 

If you wish to become involved in what we do, please call or email us We look forward to another great year of working for and with you, our supporters in natural resource education and conservation!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An informative wildlife site to check out

This is an interesting site to follow with great articles and amazing photographs by enthusiasts in the field. Just thought we'd share.

Here's the link: Focusing on Wildlife News Link

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fascinating Video of Nest Being Built

Whether you're a bird person or not, this is stunning!!! Not to detract from the sheer magic of it, but in practical terms, how M A N Y trips would a bird have to make with that tiny little quantity of mud/clay it could carry? If you take the construction of a circular bowl in your stride as instinctive, consider how the bird comes up with the windbreak/entrance design that shields the eggs/chicks from the elements and at what point in fashioning the bowl do they start to construct it?

Watch the slideshow here:
Slideshow of birds building mud nest

Photos by: Daniel Carbajal Solsona.
Video by: fabianno de Lucca.
Text by: Daniel Carbajal Solsona.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Images from the marsh...

Here are a few brilliant shots shared from the Sunday Meander the Marsh tour:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A fun birding site

Just came across this site:

There are all kinds of fun resources on the site for birders--photos, stories, and more.

So if you get a chance, go check it out!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hummingbird Gardens

To learn more about these beautiful birds and how to attract them to your home, click on the following link:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Did you know?

We came across a video we thought you might enjoy--like them or not, this is an impressive display of nature at its finest. Take a look!

A mystery of nature:

No one knows why they do it. Yet each fall, thousands of starlings dance in the twilight above England and Scotland. The birds gather in shape-shifting flocks called murmurations, having migrated in the millions from Russia and Scandinavia to escape winter’s frigid bite.
Scientists aren’t sure how they do it, either. The starlings' murmurations are manifestations of swarm intelligence, which in
different contexts is practised by schools of fish, swarms of bees and colonies of ants. As far as I am aware, even complex algorithmic models haven’t yet explained the starlings’ aerobatics, which rely on the tiny birds' quicksilver reaction time of under 100 milliseconds to avoid aerial collisions—and predators—in the giant flock.

Two young ladies were out for a late afternoon canoe ride and fortunately one of them remembered to bring her video camera. What they saw was a wonderful murmuration display, caught in the short video whose URL is below. Watch the variation of colour and intensity of the patterns that the birds make in close proximity to one other.

Click on the following link to watch this phenomenon: